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"We provide development and are provided with legacies"

Greatly Nurtured Development (GND) is a development hub that provides a platform to learn a range of diverse skills catered for children, young people and adults in a safe, interactive and relaxed environment through football, fitness and conversation.

In order for our development tools and techniques to work at their optimum level, we support people to first of all achieve our 3 life principles. Evidence tells us and we believe these life principles play a key role in development of any individual. If any one of these are misfiring or not met, then the mind or body may not operate at its full capacity. Our 3 life principles are:

  • Regular exercise

  • Consistently good eating habits

  • Appropriate and consistent amount of sleeping hours​

We are hugely passionate about providing the best opportunities and tools for sports and health intelligence and development.​​

The services we provide are:

  • Football Coaching

  • Fitness Coaching

  • Mentoring

  • Life Coaching

  • Sports Counselling

  • Events



Our vision is to develop character through conversation, intelligence, wellbeing and sport.

We aim to do this by:

  • Indoctrinating a fun, rewarding and professional culture towards sports and development

  • Promoting higher levels of general health, fitness and awareness

  • Use sport and mentoring as a medium to introduce valuable life skills such as critical thinking, mutual respect and competition

  • Grant the opportunity to access experienced, inspiring and influential coaches and mentors


Work With GND

We are currently interested in working with specialists in:

  • football coaching

  • fitness coaching

  • mentoring

  • life coaching

We are also currently interested in working with:

  • a social media content manager to design posts and boost our followers

Please contact us for an informal discussion and more information.

Partnership working with GND is where two or more individuals, groups or companies come together to achieve a common purpose. Partnerships at GND are formed to address specific issues or create new opportunities and may be short or long term, formal or informal depending on the partnership agreement.

The key GND principles of partnership working are:

  • openness

  • trust and honesty

  • clear and agreed shared goals and values

  • regular communication between partners

Partnership working is always at the heart of the agenda with improving outcomes for children and young people at the forefront of the discussion.

GND perspective on partnership working

Partnership working makes sense for GND. It provides the opportunity to view and understand issues from different standpoints and is potentially a move towards more whole system working between departments, agencies and sectors. It can be useful to bring together people from different agencies and sectors, recognising that they all bring particular agendas, skills, resources, connections and organisational cultures.

However, different agendas, skills, resources, connections, organisational cultures and a lack of clear structure can lead to tensions that can be both destructive as well as creative.

For partnerships to work, partners need to understand each other, figure out what makes sense to work together on, acknowledge that there may be differences, but ultimately work towards achieving outcomes together.

Benefits of partnership working

Partnership working at GND ensures better relationships between coaches, specialists, agencies and organisations. The more opportunities created for partnership working can increase wider collaboration, additional funding and income, mutual advantage, resources, and increased outcomes.

Effective partnership working could lead to:

  • clarity of expectations and terms of engagement

  • mutually supportive processes

  • decisions that take into account the views of different stakeholders

  • sharing of roles

  • understanding other’s priorities and constraints

  • benefit of achieving outcomes

GND recognises the value of partnership working and we encourage others to appreciate the value it brings to initiatives. Partnership working is about more than individual organisations meeting together and exchanging views. It is about operating in a way which includes the views and interests of partners in order to move the partnership towards its objectives.

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“Developing chracter as individuals or teams through conversation, intelligence, wellbeing and sport”

Greatly Nurtured Development