The 3 Best Ways to Train to Run a Race like Mo Farah!

Sir Mohamed Muktar Jama Farah CBE OLY, known as Mo Farah is a Somali-born British long-distance runner and the most successful British track athlete in modern Olympic Games history. He is the 2012 and 2016 Olympic gold medalist in both the 5000 m and 10,000m.

Want to learn how to start reaching those levels? Here are the 3 best ways to train to run a race like Mo Farah.

Running a race is a fantastic way to challenge yourself and focus on your health. Fortunately, even beginners can be ready to run a race in a couple of months if you dedicate yourself to a training schedule and keep your eye on the prize. You also can have a little fun with your training to keep you motivated. We’ll show you how.

1. Start with a 5K Training Schedule

Most people who run races start with a 5K. These races are 3.1 miles and are popular fundraisers and fun events for families. The Mayo Clinic recommends following the seven-week training schedule created by Olympian Jeff Galloway. It is designed especially for beginners but can be used by anyone. Beginners should spend training time walking and then gradually increase running time and decrease walking time.

It’s a good idea to follow a training schedule that combines running, walking, and resting to reduce your risk of injury, stress, and fatigue. It also adds variety to keep you motivated and make your training enjoyable. It’s also helpful to remember that you can run or walk at your pace to help prepare your body for your race. It’s also important to include one rest day each week to help your muscles recover. Some beginners choose one day of total rest and one day of walking instead of running. Remember, the key is to gradually increase your running time to build your endurance and strength.

2. Stay Motivated

Saying you’re going to train for a race and actually training for it are two different things. To stay on track with training, set a goal and actively motivate yourself. If your goal is to finish the race, train to get your body ready for the distance and race conditions. If your goal is to beat your personal best, ramp up your training efforts and push yourself more than you have in the past.

The trick is to stay motivated. Some runners create a vision board to stay inspired and keep their eyes on the prize. Fill yours with words and images representing your goals. Other runners find a training buddy, so they know they have to be accountable to someone other than themselves. You can share your goals, schedule training time together, and offer praise and encouragement to one another. To ensure you choose the right running partner, check out the advice from Runner’s World.

Another way to stay motivated while training for a race is to make your training fun. For example, you can work out with your dog. Dogs make great workout buddies because they are full of energy and never judge. Some workouts incorporate obedience training, which helps your dog learn while you train. That’s an important piece of getting fit with your dog because you need to make sure that he can run with you without tripping you, getting into trouble, or getting lost.

Another benefit of including your dog in your race training is that he will get the exercise he needs, too. He won’t be stuck at home on the couch while you get fit, and he’ll enjoy the change of scenery as you take him along on new running routes. He’ll also give you company and add a layer of protection if you run alone at night.

3. Use the Right Gear

Running requires little gear, but it is important to get the right gear so you feel good enough to keep training. Choose a pair of running shoes that are comfortable rather than those that are most expensive or highly recommended. Then, add a breathable, snug sock that does not have seams and that protects your ankles from rubbing shoes. It’s also a good idea to use a pedometer or smartphone app that tracks your distance and time so you can adjust your training as necessary to achieve your goals.

Additionally, you add a small gym to your home that can help you supplement your training. With the use of the right gear, you can do cardio workouts and strength training, both of which can help you prepare for the big race. What’s more, any significant changes you make to your home can ultimately help boost its value for when you’re ready to sell it.

You can start training to run a race today. Pick a training schedule that includes walking, running, and resting. Keep motivated with a vision board and workout buddy. Then, make sure you have comfortable socks and shoes.

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